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All about Drum Carding - batts, roving - bring it

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Crazy Batts! [Feb. 21st, 2007|10:30 am]
All about Drum Carding - batts, roving - bring it



I finally got some batts that are rocking.  I bought my carder because I love the crazy batts. I love to show the curls and swirls of the fiber that I love, in combination with crazy colors, and the kitchen sink.  I get bored spinning from a batt that has been carded to the nth degree.... why bother - just use roving.  :)
So here are the Purple People Eater Batts - they are rambouillet cut with irish linen, coltsold lamb and angelina.  They are super soft yet still have the loose locks thing working.  The funny thing is that they are mainly deep purple, but the green took the flash so much they look totally neon green.  They are bright, don't get me wrong but not THAT bright.  I am still working on getting better pictures, as they are difficult to photo.

Oceans of Fiber by HollyEQQ



[User Picture]From: booboopenquin
2007-02-21 06:23 pm (UTC)
The reason carded batts are prefered over roving or top is that they are a joy to spin from, it really fluffs the fibers up. Also it allows you to create your own blends. Also you card more to better prepare your batts, I know I hate spinning from batts made by people that don't have a clue what they are doing and will only card them once or twice and there are huge lumps of fiber and the batt doesn't stick together not to mention most of the time they are just not well carded, you can tell it was a rush job and the fibers have broken and made little 'pills' of tiny broken fibers all over the place, it's yucky.

This isn't to say that I do not enjoy crazy blends and so on because I do but there has to be a balance somewhere.

That said, the green in these is lovely and reminds me of nickelodeon slime but the green and purple together remind me of the city of Undercity in World of Warcraft...haha. *geek*
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[User Picture]From: hollyeqq
2007-02-21 07:39 pm (UTC)
Somehow, you didn't understand my post. I did not mean to imply that well carded batts are not valuable and beautiful and are equal to roving. I am quite aware of the different mediums and their purposes.

I intentionally put all types of lumps of fiber, clumps of noils, angelina, and anything else I can find to make slubs. I NEVER card more than once. I do however, take my time and make sure the lovely fibers are not broken and there are no pills or second cuts. Bottom line, you may not want to purchase my crazy batts because they are designed specifically for a more textured irregular yarn style thus the name.

Upon re-reading my original entry, it could be interpreted that I have not used a carder previously and this was my first attempt at batts. That is not the case. I have done extensive drum carder/batt research prior to purchasing my own. I am excited because I have finally done some experimenting with my own fiber on my own drum carder and therefore I produced some batts that I am proud enough to sell.

I might recommend www.spritelygoods.com for you, her batts have been carded and blended beautifully.
Good luck.
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